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Truey Donatello

If hip hop has a recurrent theme it is that of struggle. Stepping out of the Mvt shadow to do a solo project we find Luyanda Goba known as Truey “Tru”Donatello . With a wealth of experience from the years spent honing his skills, Truey Donatello has created his own lane in which to spread his wings. From early on it was clear that Truey finds comfort when making music. It was with Mvt where he first started performing and understanding the dynamics of how the music industry works. Ever since then Truey has been on a continual process to refine his music. Coming from a working class background he is duty-bound and passionate about amplifying the voice of his generation. With a unique perspective on everyday events Truey is relatable to the youth of today.
A self proclaimed addict of performing, he is most comfortable with a microphone, and is. always anxious for his next fix. Fuelling the crowds energy which in turn fuels his own. he is in his natural element when performing. His goal as South Africa’s rap vigilante is to address the issues that young people of today are facing. Drawing inspiration from the plethora of adventures and misadventures and using them as a bench-mark for his content he sheds light in an inimitable manner that shows he is about far more than sneakers and caps. Pouring his heart and soul into every word, he truly stands for what he says. From varsity life, to night life and even life at home, Truey shows that everybody goes through the same things, and he is here to make sure they are heard. Always looking for ways to improve himself, so as to give his audience the very best that he can give each and every time.
Teaming up with Canoc to do a solo project Truey is destined to become an archetype of south African music.

Truey Donatello – Received 2 Hype Award nominations in 2009 for “best Newcomer” with his group MVT and also “Best mixtape” for a tape he did called “Run the Block” while studying in cape town with another fellow artist 2lipp now formally known as 2leestark, further, the crowd was stunned at the launch of the mixtape when artists like Khuli Chana,Aka,Ill Skillz & Hip Hop Pantsula took the stage to open for the dynamic duo. Amazing that the kid is still not formally known yet and creating inner industry buzz amongst big shots while keeping his name on the tongue of award winners.

Truey Donatello has a free online mixtape on the way called “The Sign Up” which is a prelude to his HIGHLY anticipated EP called “The Audition” in which these are the latest projects confirmed by him. He is also working on other material which is yet to be confirmed. Receiving production from mostly unknown producers he grew up with only Ameen Harron, Sean Pages and international Producer Johhny Juliano being household names. Truey donatello takes pride that his brand holds weight without any affiliation

Other Info:
Truey Donatello is no stranger to big lights having performed and shared stages with the best of the best in South Africa. He has also Shared the stage with international superstars like Tyga from Lil Wayne’s Young Money, Rick Ross and in the near future will also be showcasing himself at the Trey Songz concert.

Some call it buzz others minor waves but Truey Donatello has made himself a name without ever being on mainstream radio, he’s been gettin spins on internet radio shows but has never been on mainstream radio and yet is able to push numbers in excess of 1000plus downloads namely two songs he recently put up for free download “Young Boy Grown” and “Who hotter than me

Truey Donatello behind the scenes is also a RnB/Pop Songwriter having worked and written for the likes of Ameen Harron, Jamali and new groups and artists like Robots like the girls, Jarred & Franki M, also he’s in talks with Ferdy Ferd & Lungelo on potential future work, he has also written rap verses for artists that don’t wish to be named at this present moment but its how he pays bills right now before he steps in as a major artist

Some have called him a legend in the making, one of the hardest working young men of this entertainment world,an artist of rare calibre and mountains of potential hailing from kwamashu durban but now stationed in Midrand Gauteng. Truey Donatello is one name that surely won’t be forgotten.

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